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From: TJ Plajer <cerebral_at_michianatoday.com>
Date: Tue Jul 15 22:35:54 1997

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>One last item. MAKE BACKUPS OF EVERYTHING. make duplicate backups and test
>the backups for integrity. Disks fail, and the cheapest insurance is a boot
>and backup package that works when you replace/repair the offending drive.
This is why I like the 20 and 40 meg drives, I can back up key elements of
the OS and configs, and restore them easily. as for 3.5 being more
reliable, they are not, as I bought a Conner CFS-850A 850 meg, and it worked
nicely for a year, then one day I am greeted with this error:


it suffered a head crash, it would spin up normally, and when the controller
tested the head actuator upon startup, there was a time when the head would
seek to a location on the disk, and GRIND to a halt. the drive never worked
again... I lost 700 megs of stuff, half unreplaceable (my fault, but I have
no tape drive). fortunately the drive did have a 3 year warrenty, and a
replacement was shipped, a 1.2 gig seagate ST-31276A. and here is another

Is this going to last me more than a year? If Seagate made good drives in
the past, will this new one live up to this, or is this drive chock full of
corner cutting?

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