PAM computer, Convergent?

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Date: Tue Jul 15 20:23:00 1997

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rusted trace stuff... snip!

> > > Jeff
Me whining about rust. :)
Muriatic Acid? Why? Is those all fuzz green things still shorts
things or still giving problems even resulting mess was cleaned up
with strong alcohol and checked out for shorts, I did not find any
opens or shorts....?

Jason D.

> I've run into the problem of leaky batterys corroding circuit boards
> quite a bit, mainly on arcade games and computer motherboards where the
> battery is soldered in place. As long as the corrosion isn't too bad, I
> use Muriatic Acid, i.e. 33% HCl, and add it a drop at a time to the
> affected area. After all the fizzing has stopped, I rinse it under the
> faucet with cold water, dry it, and generally everything ends up fine.
> If I am feeling particularly like doing the job right, after rinsing
> under the tap, I'll rinse it off with either DI (DeIonized) or distilled
> water. A couple of hours out in the sun or under a lamp completes the
> job. Where traces have been eaten away, it is generally not too hard to
> just replace the traces with wire wrap wire. Granted, it takes some
> time but it can be worth it.
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