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Date: Tue Jul 15 20:59:41 1997

Jason D. Snipping in order...aw! not even better. :)

> Can't say I disagree. You however confused my assertion of better
> performace in terms of access times, with reliability. Its faster and more...
Thanks for clearing up...no one is perfect.
Yes, heat is baddie for anything remotely useful machines...

> true, but there are voice coil dries out there that do not hold up well too.
> It's a design trade made by some companies thinking the mechanics will never
> outlive the electronics. Much of it is process quality and handling. Most
> bad drives I've seen were from warm enviornments or dropped in their life.
Sounds like you're talking about el cheapo drives that uses voice
coil? What I saw so far is usually few mech/coils/ failure and
most boards/platter/heads/bearings failures especially that Maxtor.
> It has a problem with gyroscopc precession, this makes it very susceptable
> to small shocks when running. The bearing does not like sideloads either.
> I agree it could have been better thought out.
Thanks...I thought so too and still wished Seagate learned better
BUT past is past but not with rebranded "Conner" of their low end is
still begging for trouble. :)
Your assertion about smaller is better yes, in many ways but not
always when someone cuts corner. Designers: Take note!
Your tips about LLF/temp. Yes, I did too.
> need speed I try to use others (quantum q540 30mb is nice!).
My god, reliable, massive, trumping hd! :)) Quantum still is making
good drives and very reliable even to low end ones. Wow. Reason I
kept suggesting mid to high end is for performance wise.

> Your list of drive ripped open....
Did: nearly all Seagate series, few CDC, few Imipris, lots
Miniscribe, few Mircropolis, lots Kalok (virtual clone of ST225,
huh!), Kocera, lots of Conner of any kinds and oddballs including
2.5" , WD very few. Did Microscience, IMI, lots of Maxtor, Toshiba,
odd ball JVC's, Nec yuk!
One comment, DEC never make their hd's far as I was concerned,
contracted out to anyone willing to do it for Dec's biddings. :(
Once, I got a RZ23 scsi, can't use it on pc, returned back. If
there's was a way to make this work, great!
> I have an st238 that refuses to die!
That's ST225 serie with RLL, odd 26 sectors, ST250R uses 31 sectors
by 771 I think.

> Allison's advices of cleaning/smaller is better stuff...
Still they require good cooling anyway.

> >AC or no AC by me...
> Tell me! I run microvaxen, Q-bus PDP-11s and s100 systems and 20 years of
> experince (and reliability studies) has taught me 90F is a hard ceiling and
> to shutdown with fans running if it gets hotter. I know this from my days
> at DEC in the mill when my office system (11/23) was fried by an AC failure,
> the area hit 98f and the 11 went down for the count. I've been pulling the
> plug regularly this year as we've had a lot of warm here in MA. ;-)
Really? Several suggestions: If you add more fans to monitors, turn
off unneeded lights, close the sun-lit window and few uneeded
equipment, you will cut down the heat. When I ran my monitor w/o
fans my bedroom feel hotter; with fans on monitor, room felt cooler.
Both of my pc and monitor is there.
> Even without AC, every effort to remove heat is good! Even if you can't
> lower the ambient, keeping the guts closer to it will help greatly.
> My s100 crate has two 5" 120cfm fans pushing air up through the cage and it
> compared the the 8" drive and considering it's 20 years old... it still
> runs.
I am hearing the noisy fans on monitor, one fan blowing into is
pulled from dumptered dec rainbow (sorry!) and a PC fan on top
pulling hot air out.
> Even my ba123 microvax, I replaced the fans to blow up as someone put them
> in backwards for less noise. You fight convection and lose cooling
> where things may have been replaced but with the wrong
>(underrated) items.
Those fools...I quote again: "no user
serviceable inside..." angry hiss. Simply tell users if they want
anything altered, ask tech people to do it instead! The fan can be
flipped around.

Allison's ranting about back up stuff...yes right, I know.

Jason D.
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