TRS-80 Model I EI question

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 07:59:37 1997


>>the mod was to bring out ras* cas* and MUX* with terminating resistors at
one or both ends. These signals went through the EI cable but timing was
critical at best. the later EIs derived cas* and mux* off of ras* inside
rather than pipe them over. Generally speaking the mod was one where if it
was mostly working it MIGHT help, sometimes it made it worse.

There was another mod after that called the buffered EI cable...not a good
idea either. Fixing the EI was the solution.<<

        One of the two units that I have has the mod and the other doesn't. The one
without came with the buffered EI cable, so what you said makes sense. Thanks
for the info; now I can trace the mod on the new schematics.

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