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From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Wed Jul 16 19:59:51 1997

> > And while we are at it, put one of the music programs on the PDP where
> > you put an AM radio near it as the output device!
> I thought that was the Altair.
> It was Dompier's altair, at some meeting. The TX-0 also played music, but
> that was through a speaker. And I'm pretty sure the 11s had some sound
> capabilities besides ^G...

I do not know about PDP-11s, but PDP-12s (and LINC-8s, I think), have a
speaker connected to the LSB of the accumulator (volume knob provided, of
course). Additionally, the LINC-8 has a bell that chimes when the halt
instruction is executed.

For funding a museum, why not cut an album of all of your favorite minis
in action? Sure to go to the top of the charts...

William Donzelli
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