Commodore B-128 series

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 00:08:29 1997

Mr. Self Destruct wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Bill Whitson wrote:
> > B-series were regular low-profile micros.
> > CBM-series had integrated monitors. I've never seen one of the
> > CBM series machines.
> Me neither. Anyone got one????

I have at a CBM 8032 and another something out in the garage that I
*think* is another CBM machine. When I got it (8 or 10 years ago) it
came with a bunch of cassette tapes, a CBM 8050 dual floppy drive, and
some other stuff I haven't gotten back into to see what it is. At a
quick glance, it looks like one of the 2001 series except for a slightly
larger monitor and a slightly different looking keyboard. A friend of
mine is going to loan me his digital camera to play around with and I
hope to be putting up a web page within two months.
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