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From: James Willing <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 10:06:44 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Allison J Parent wrote:

<snippage on various approaches to getting music out of computers>

> The altair thing was via radio, but also there were not less that a dozen
> different sound and music boards for altairs/s100 systems. Some I might add
> were very good. At least one used the pinte line (shows the internal state
> of the 8080 processor interrupt enable flag).

Yep. That was the Processor Technology "Music System". I still have the
board and software in my collection. Really do need to get a picture of
the board onto the web pages. (all three resistors and two capacitors of

The software also appeared (briefly) as the infamous "Volume 39" of the
CP/M User's Group library. (before P.T. started threatening everyone
involved over copyright infringements and such)

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