looking for iRMX O/S for 8086

From: clark_geisler_at_nortel-nsm.com <(clark_geisler_at_nortel-nsm.com)>
Date: Thu Jul 17 13:08:30 1997

I'm trying to find diskettes and manuals for a release of iRMX that
runs on an Intel 310-3A box (8086 processor).

I have 2 of these running production electronics testing that have died.
We are getting them repaired by InBUS. But we've never used the
backups that were given to us when these machines transferred from another
We didn't get the original iRMX diskettes, and just a couple of manuals.
I suspect the backups may be for just the application software, and
not the entire hard disk (there are only 3 diskettes in the backup set).

As far as I can tell, we are using iRMX-86 release 6.

I've been trying to get someone at Radisys (who support the current
version of iRMX), but haven't been able to speak to anything
more than voice mail so far. I'm not very hopeful, though: this is pretty
old stuff.

Does anyone still have the diskettes and manuals for this release
that I could copy or purchase?

Clark Geisler
Test Engineer
Received on Thu Jul 17 1997 - 13:08:30 BST

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