Computer Advances

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 19:49:08 1997

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Marvin wrote:

> Somehow, it seems like most of the major breakthroughs/advances in the
> use of computers took place early on, i.e. word processing,
> spreadsheets, and databases, and what has been taking place over the
> past 15 - 20 years would fall more into a refinement catagory. We are
> getting faster hardware, more ability (also known as bells and
> whistles), but no major breakthroughs that open up a whole new field for
> the use of computers. Am I missing something? I've heard that one of
> the early spreadsheets (Visicalc?) was responsible for selling more
> Apples than any of their marketing efforts. Regardless, that is the
> type of advance that I am talking about.

Uh, Windows '95?

(har har)

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