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true, most everything has been done now. pnp and usb were/are trumpeted as
new, but IBM ps/2's and macintoshes have had similar things in that the ps2
was essentialy plug and play after running the reference disk, and macs have
 the adb which allows things to be chained into the keyboard cable. i'd like
to hear of other examples also. i can't think of any more right now.

<< Somehow, it seems like most of the major breakthroughs/advances in the
 use of computers took place early on, i.e. word processing,
 spreadsheets, and databases, and what has been taking place over the
 past 15 - 20 years would fall more into a refinement catagory. We are
 getting faster hardware, more ability (also known as bells and
 whistles), but no major breakthroughs that open up a whole new field for
 the use of computers. Am I missing something? I've heard that one of
 the early spreadsheets (Visicalc?) was responsible for selling more
 Apples than any of their marketing efforts. Regardless, that is the
 type of advance that I am talking about. >>

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