Computer Advances

From: PG Manney <>
Date: Fri Jul 18 07:28:39 1997

Most of my customers are interested in solitaire, Internet and
scanners...and you know? I may be wrong, but I see a *lot* of people trying
the interned for a couple of months, then letting the subscription lapse.

We have millions of potential newbies to work through, but what's it gonna
be like in 10 years? How many dust-covered chess-playing machines do you
see around? Electronic keyboards? Cuisinarts? I think we're seeing a fad.

Killer app? There hasn't been one since multimedia stuff for IBM I mean..)
You're right -- we've been refining (and good refinements the've been, some
of them! -- I'll take Corel 7 over DOS MS Paint any day).

Next killer app? Dunno. Voice recognition?
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