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From: PG Manney <>
Date: Sat Jul 19 12:50:06 1997

> When I first got onto the net, the first thing I found out was that it is

> most useful for e-mail.

That's about all I use it for, except looking for people who sell oddball

I tried IRC, I tried Usenet,

Usenet I use, for classified ads.

I tried a couple
> other things, and eventually I found myself paying $19.95 a month for
> e-mail.

btw, My ISP will sell time (so many hours) which will carry over from month
to month. $30 will buy 30 hours, which lasts a *long* time with an offline
e-mail reader. Some charge, say $7/month for e-mail only. Ask.

> But all in all I find the Internet to be EXTREMELY valuable. Where else
> can I go to find 200 zealots who collect classic computers to get
> information about a particularly obscure piece of hardware and get an
> answer to my questions usually within 24 hours?
I can e-mail a diatribe to the President of the United States of America.

...and get put on the FBI's secret list.

> Basically, it is truly information at your fingertips (almost) instantly.
> Constantly updated, constantly growing, alive.

Sure. For me, too. But how many newbies want -- or need -- all that info,
or want to acquire the necessary skills?

I think, after visiting the Lego page, and looking at
trucks, many users cast the internet aside with the rest of their toys (and
 that was my point). Businesses, however -- such as mine -- find a real use
for the communications / information.
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