Apple /// problem

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Date: Sat Jul 19 16:35:20 1997

Hi Jeff!

The apple will give you problems unless you fix that memory problem.
I think the cover takes off from bottom to expose the board, push all
socketed chips. That will make a crunching sound. Take off the
memory daughter board and check to see if these memory chips are
socketed as well as motherboard's memory. 64k x 1bit chips are so
cheap and plentiful, get them in matched set, no need to be apple
marked. :) 200ns is fine! :) Maybe the bad memory gives problems
with the CP/M side. Not sure...

I have only seen /// once in person and I did not use it. Heard that
case is impossible heavy!

Jason D.

Big snip!

> Would anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing a problem
> with my Apple /// does the following:
> Jeff
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