CoCo disks

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Jul 21 17:19:08 1997

        I found what looks to be a few intersting disks today, though at the
moment I can't check to see what's on them or anything. They are all for
the CoCo though, and all Tandy-labled disks in Tandy jackets still...and
some are even for OS-9. They are:

        Flightsim I, (c) 1984
        Multiview for OS-9 L-II, (c) 1987
        OS-9 Pascal Disk I & II (version 02), (c) 1983
        C Compiler for OS-9 Systems (version 01), (c) 1983
        Color Disk EDTASM (version 01), (c) 1983
        Ghana Bwana, (c) 1984
        OS-9 Profile, (c) 1984
        Biosphere for OS-9, (c) 1985

        At least now I've got a few CoCo disks to try once I finally find a
disk controller for my III!

       Amiga enthusiast and collector of early, classic microcomputers

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