Just got Xerox 8/16

From: Robert Kirk Scott <dynasoar_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Tue Jul 22 00:25:55 1997

Mr. Self Destruct wrote:
> Your not going to find any web resources. Trust me, I've tried. Anyway,
> hat exactly are you looking for>? Are you sure you have ALL the docs?
> (My docs comprise 4 3 inch thick binders)
> Les
> more_at_crazy.rutgers.edu

So true! Les is right, the docs for this machine weigh in at about 50
lbs +! I've searched and searched for web resources but there are none.
I *did* find a few postings referenced in Deja News, and once in a while
some one on comp.os.cpm makes a reference to a 16/8 for sale or
giveaway, but there isn't much else. So I search on...there must be more
than three of these machines left in the world?

Kirk Scott
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