Minicomputer Storage Myths

From: Bill Girnius <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 12:51:58 1997

Well I've done that too. Like with my Tandy Model4's, which I didn't know
anything about. But at least I knew it as all there. The places I get my
stuff, never have anything like this. You find me one, and well, if I can
afford it, I'll have a stab. Be a good reason for me to learn unix.

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> >Wanna here a crying shame!? I only collect micros, simply because I'm
> >at all familiar with Unix, Vax, or any flavor thereoff. I have an 18X24
> >room in the basement of my house devoted to not just storing my
> >but having it setup and running. If I knew more about these machines,
> >probably love to have one.
> That's no excuse! :-). When I got my first minicomputer I knew absolutely
> nothing about them (I'd never used a front panel, had only vague ideas on
> how a processor worked at gate level, etc). I suspect the rest is true
> of some other serious collectors on this list.
> Still, I sat down with the machine, and even more importantly the service
> manual, and I figured it out. It didn't take that long. And I didn't have
> group of experts to turn to, either.
> -tony
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