Minicomputer Storage Myths

From: PDP11 Hacker ..... <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 08:53:54 1997

> Offhand, and I may offend a few sensibilities here, that folks who
>care for computing's history should be willing to bear such short-
>term inconveniences as medium-sized monetary expenditures. If you
>don't save a machine, it might be the _last_one_! (The odds of this
>happening in the near term with micros is vanishingly small.)

Depends on the micro.

While IMHO it's true that Apple ]['s, PET's, TRS-80, etc are not exactly
hard to find, there are some rather rare machines, like the Tandy Deluxe CoCo
(something like 2 exist), a prototype Acorn that I can't remember the name of
(M4???), the HH tiger (Prototype only), etc that are somewhat hard to find.
It's quite possible that the next one of those that you see is the last!

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