Minicomputer Storage Myths

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 12:02:35 1997

On Wed, 23 Jul 1997, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> These obstacles pose no difficulties to folks who try to buy
> IMSAI's from me - I've had people fly across a continent or drive
> hundreds of miles to buy an IMSAI. Yet you claim that the same
> difficulties are nearly insurmountable
> when the machine in question is quite a bit rarer than an IMSAI,
> a little bit larger and heavier than an IMSAI, but not nearly
> as trendy as an IMSAI. I'm willing to bet the situation would
> change instantly if there was an LA Times article about the
> high collectiblity of Novae and Eclipses.

I wouldn't know as I'm not concerned with the "collectibility" aspect. If
I could find the system locally, I would take it. I'll admit I had the
misconception that mini's are somewhat cumbersome to deal with, but after
realizing that there are a variety of about eighteen S-100, Q-bus and
Multi-bus systems sitting in my garage, getting them there isn't the big
deal. However, and my argument is, I would be loath to spend the money it
would take to ship one of these systems from somewhere else in the
country. All of the systems I have now have been picked up within a 70
mile radius, all transported in my Honda (one time I brought home 3
IMSAIs, a NorthStar Horizon, a Vector 1, twelve 8" disk boxes, a dumb
terminal, 3 Cromemco dual 8" drive units, and one IMSAI dual 8" drive
unit in my Honda, and that wasn't even my most ambitious haul), so I know
it can be done.

> I suppose I am partly to blame in the equation. My initial
> posts made it sound like the Data General stuff wasn't worth
> its weight in scrap metal. (Believe me, after lugging around
> thousands of pounds of stuff, I sometimes think this myself...)
> I like the stuff - some of it is just beautiful - and I was
> hoping to convince others collectors of this as well. I've learned my
> lesson: from now on, it's no longer "Bring a truck and it's yours"!
> Instead, I'll whip the media into a wild frenzy... :-)

I think the problem is (at least for me it is) that it is simply not
practical to make a drive up to Canada to retrieve the stuff or have it
shipped from there. If it was something dinky like an Apple or an Atari,
then sure, it would be easy. Also, I'm waiting until I run into that
stuff locally. I live in the computer mecca of the world. I'm bound to
run into one of everything sooner or later.

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