Apple Lisa Owners??

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Wed Jul 23 12:56:08 1997


Which Lisa model do you have? I have a Lisa 2/10 that is almost
working. The hard drive install of Sun's version of MacWorks is
apparently corrupt and it doesn't boot completely (or needs a boot
floppy that I don't have). I'm loathe to fix the MacWorks install
because I'd rather run the Lisa Office System.

Problem is, the Lisa Office System is serialized, and, once installed,
it will only reinstall on the same Lisa. There are some outfits around
that will sell copies of the uninstalled disks for $170, which is a bit
steep. I have an acquaintance at a local computer recycler who has a
set and is willing to let me borrow them, but I'll have to set up a PC
with two 720K drives (which I don't have handy) and a Copy II Option
Board (which I do have) to dupe them.


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> Subject: Apple Lisa Owners??
> Hi all:
> This is my first post to ClassicCMP. Let me just start by sayin it is
> great to see how much interest there is out there in different Classic
> Computers!!
> I recently aquired an Apple Lisa and was wondering if anyone out there
> also had a working model. So far, I have a copy of the Lisa Office
> System, the Lisa Tools, and MacWorks XL. What I'd like to find out is
> what other software for it was available and if anyone wants to get
> rid
> of it :) I know there is the workshop environment for programmin in
> Pascal, and I think a version of Unix and Basic were realeased. But
> what
> about Fortan? Also on the hardware side. Does anyone know of any
> cards
> that were made for the expansion bays. I know that a parallel card
> was
> available, and also something called a Priam Card. Anything else?
> Let's
> see one final question. What about printer support. Was it limited
> to
> the Imagewriter I, Apple DMP and the daisy wheel one (can't remember
> the
> name). Can one use the Imagewriter II? How about other printers?
> Well
> thanks to anyone with any info
> Rob
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