Apple Lisa Owners??

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Date: Wed Jul 23 18:01:04 1997

Hi, Rob (& other Lisa owners)

I have a Lisa 2/5 that I love very much. However, she's been a bit ill
lately and seems to have toaster her Lisa Lite board, or else her
Parallel card.

> I have a Lisa 2/10. Right now I am looking for a Lisa Mouse (Not a Mac
> one which does work on the Lisa), a parallel interface card and a ProFile
> external Hard Drive.

My Lisa mouse is also dead... HOWEVER... the _ORIGINAL_ Mac mouse will
allegedly work with it. I forget the exact part number, but it's the one
that came with the Mac 128 and Mac 512. I'm not sure if a Mac Plus mouse
will work or not. The mouse for the Apple II series is exactly the same
as well. I plan to hunt one of them down and replace the guts so that
the mouse case is still the same.

> ***The serialization for the Lisa Office System and its tools IS
> removable, if you have a Macintosh. I have the specs to do this.
> Basically, you use a sector editor on a copy of the Lisa Tools disk and
> remove the serial number that has been placed onto the disk.

Cool... Think maybe you could send me this information or point me to a
web page that has the info on it? I'd really like to back up my software
so that I can use it if I get another Lisa.

For good Lisa info, I highly recomend Tom Stepleton's webpage at:

chris starling
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