The Rescuer's Conundrum

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Thu Jul 24 13:44:19 1997

Or otherwise stated: What to do when the cost of reviving a rescued
computer is as much as buying one of the same model?

To explain, I recently rescued a Mac+ (2.5/40) which was being thrown
out by my employer. When I got it, it would give intermittant Sad Mac
errors. No problem, I figure I can replace the RAM with some surplus
PC SIMMs. This fixes the Sad Macs, but after it heats up it dies with
an "Address Error" bomb. Some board switching points to the motherboard
(more specifically, the ROMs) as being the fault.

Checking around, I see that the most common price for a Mac+ system
board is $15 + shipping. As a last check, I call Intragate
(, who has had good prices in the past, to find out
their price. It turns our that they won't even quote me a price for
the MB as they can get me an entire Mac+ system for $20.

This has really left me in a quandry as to what to do. I really don't
want to buy *another* one as I already have a working Mac Plus. Besides,
what would I then do with *this one*? I suppose I could keep it for
parts, but that seems a bit of a waste too.

Any suggestions? Anyone with a spare set of Mac+ ROMs?

Thanks in advance... <<<John>>>

P.S. Anybody also know of a source for a LaserWriter Plus logic board, too?
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