Commodore history

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Fri Jul 25 05:46:47 1997

Does anyone know where Commodore was actually started? I've seen the
Bronx and Toronto given as the site of the first Commodore shop, but the
Bronx references have been made more recently. Apparently the official
Commodore history at the World of Commodore show in Toronto (forget
which year - 10th anniversary of the show I think, so 1993?) had a picture
of the first little Commodore shop... in Toronto.

Also, does anyone know where Commodore had production facilities in
Canada? I have a VIC-20 with "Made in Canada" stamped on it, and I didn't
realize that Commodore actually _made_ computers here.

As another note of interest, both of my "Made in U.S.A." VIC-20s have
serial numbers starting with "P". The "Made in Canada" VIC has "CC"
instead. Did the letters record what plant the machine was manufactured
or assembled in? CC = Canadian plant, P = Philadelphia or something?

Heck, while I'm at it, does anyone know the exact date (or even the exact
year) that Commodore purchased MOS Technology? I figured it would've been
1976, but I've seen documents referenced as from "Commodore/MOS
Technology, Norristown, PA, 1975".

Doug Spence
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