Some Great Deals

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 12:58:20 1997

> >On the other hand, I had a garage sale last weekend. Not one person =
> >interested in the piles of Apple, Commodore, Atari stuff. I mean, if you =
> >guys aren't going to garage sales to buy stuff, you're missing a lot of =
> >deals. Most of the stuff at the Goodwill has an old garage sale sticker =
> >on it.<
> Heck, if you're dumping stuff at garage sale prices, post the list here
> first! Probably nothing rare or particularly interesting, but you never
> know what somebody might be looking for.
> Gil Parrish
> =

I do post lists of the stuff I'm selling on Auctionweb. Some of that stuff does
go really cheap but not all. I do plan to post a big list of the stuff I was
selling at the garage sale and the prices should be very reasonable (cheap).
You are right in that the G sale stuff isn't rare. I had 3 Apple II+, an Apple
IIc, C-64, Piles of C-64 power supplies and cables, joysticks, Atari 2600
consoles and games. Only thing is that they need to be shipped which can be
more than the price sometimes. I did manage to give away 4 dead C-64s and a
1541 to a guy who works on them.

Give me a month or so.
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