TRW Swap Meet

From: Cord Coslor <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 22:06:06 1997

Hey Marvin:

I was wondering if any of your recent Atari acquisitions are for sale. I
am especially interested on a good deal on a drive and some software...
PLEASE let me know..


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On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, Marvin wrote:

> I went to the TRW Swap Meet today down in Los Angeles and managed to get
> a few things. A guy was selling a fairly complete Aquarius that
> included the cassette recorder, printer/plotter, expansion chassis, a
> 32K expansion unit, some games, and documentation. He was asking $25
> but took $20 for the lot. Also picked up an Epson PX-8 portable and an
> NEC 8201 portable (sure hope those numbers are correct as I am going
> from memory) for $25 lot. The "best" deal was a guy walking around with
> a sign that said "Free Atari". Of course, that got my attention and I
> picked the 5 boxes of stuff up. Haven't checked it all out yet, but
> there were supposed to be three Atari 400 computers, Three disk drive
> units, an 850 interface, a modem, docs, and some other stuff. Saw a guy
> offering S-100 cards (mostly memory and HD cards) at $5 each. When I
> asked why he was asking so much, he replied they weren't for sale. I
> hadn't heard of the manufacturer of those particular cards, and figured
> if schematics were available, they might be worth what he was asking.
> I met a friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for about a year. Turns out
> he built one of the Altair computers I have and was one of the first
> factory reps for Vector Graphic. Apparently among the many people he
> called on was a place up around Berkeley with a name like Kentucky Fried
> Computers (or something similar) and that was where Northstar Computers
> got started. Apparently, he has some of the early SCCS stuff along with
> most of the Vector Graphic docs, etc. so with any luck, I'll end up with
> that stuff too.
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