Epson PX-8, no power up

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sun Jul 27 12:40:09 1997

On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, Marvin wrote:

> I just plugged in the Epson PX-8 and the only thing that happens is the
> LCD screen turns on, but nothing else. I plugged in a power supply to
> charge the battery (and then checked the battery voltage) so that is not
> the problem. I also pressed both the outside reset switch with no
> response, and then pressed the "master" reset switch in the compartment
> on the bottom of the machine, again with no response. When the bottom
> was opened, there was space for two ROMs; the center one was empty and
> the one to the side had an Epson ROM of some sort installed. There was

Marvin, the socket labelled ROM1 should have an Epson ROM in it, and as
far as I know it is the O/S ROM. ROM2 socket on mine has Portable
WordStar and is not necessary to run the system as far as I know. In
fact, I just pulled the ROM on mine and the system still came up (BTW,
those ROMs are neat...they have a little plastic bucket that the ROM sits
in that makes it easy to pull them out and re-insert them). My battery
is worn and does not hold a charge anymore, but it will recharge and
operate for a little while (how long I don't know since I never have it
on for more than a few minutes) but as soon as I plug in the power supply
it works fine. Inside the ROM compartment you will notice an "Initial
Reset" button. Have you tried pressing that? There is also a dip switch
inside (SW4) settings are as follows:


There is a smaller compartment on the bottom near that back of the
unit...did you make sure there is a ROM in there? Is it seated correctly?

Hope this helps in some small way.

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