Altos III terminal

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sun Jul 27 17:53:13 1997

I just picked up an Altos III terminal, with the hopes of eventually
using it as CON on my SWTP. The only problem is that I got only the
terminal itself, with no keyboard. It only cost me $1, so that doesn't
bother me at all. Anyone have an extra Altos keyboard around that would
work with this? It seems to power up fine, and according to the status
in the upper right corner, is coming up at 9600 bps. Is there an
internal ROM setup with this, as I can't find any dip switches on it at
all? Also, is this a proprietary terminal, or a fairly standard ASCII
terminal? Thanks!

       Amiga enthusiast and collector of early, classic microcomputers
Received on Sun Jul 27 1997 - 17:53:13 BST

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