Bad Joke. Bad Bad Bad! Front panel for a PC?

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Mon Jul 28 11:16:12 1997

> I.E Making a new ROM. Well, I do have the IBM PC manual that has the ROM
> unassembled in it... I thought those panels worked by playing with the
> lines on the CPU. Sounds like more work than I have time to do now. I do
> know that E11 lets you pull this off via the paralell port. It would be a
> neat trick, if I had time to work at it.

They do work by playing with the lines on the CPU. However, the 8088 (and
most microprocessors) do not allow you to get to the internal registers
from the bus. It works on the PDP-11 because the registers have a bus
address; i.e., you can DMA into registers.

This stopped being possible on the microprocessor implementations of the
the PDP-11, which is where MicroODT fills in.

Roger ivie
Received on Mon Jul 28 1997 - 11:16:12 BST

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