Zenith ?????

From: Glenn Roberts <groberts_at_mitre.org>
Date: Mon Jul 28 20:24:06 1997

i believe it's a "dumb terminal" that uses NTSC video - probably emulates
either the H19 or VT100 (or both). i think the "save" button is used in
configuring (and saving) terminal options.

- glenn

At 04:00 PM 12/31/70 +0000, Marvin wrote:
>Among the things I picked up yesterday was a Zenith Data Systems
>keyboard, model ZTX-1-A. The top of the keyboard looks like a regular
>keyboard but the back has an RCA jack labeled "Video Output", a 40 pin
>header labeled "Printer", a pushbutton labeled "Save", a db9 male
>connector labeled "Power", two phone jacks labeled "Phone Connect" and
>"Wall Connect", and a switch near the phone jacks labeled
>"Multiline/Single Line". Anyone have any idea what this thing is?
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