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I believe the 1st edition was released in 1981. The one I have is
dated 1983. I Also have an 'update' dated May, 1993. I'm not sure
if any subsequent updates were published.

I have had these books for probly 10 or more years, and I used to
take it with me when 'On the hunt'. Oh yes, it does have pictures,
although they're not always accurate. It has lots of good information
on machines of the era.


   I'd probly commit a murder for a 1st edition };^)
   (I've never actually seen one, though).

> > According to the _Microcomputer Buyers Guide_ (c) 1983, Byte books:
> >
> > "NNC offers two systems - the 80 and 80W. Basic features of the
> > model 80 are: Z-80A processor (4MHz); 64kB RAM memory; two RS-232-C
> > serial ports; three 8-bit parallel ports; and two Shugart 801R 8"
> > floppy disks. The 80W offers different storage capability with one
> > 8" floppy disk combined with one 8.4MB Winchester hard disk. The
> > basic Model 80 and Model 80W systems are single-user in operation but
> > can be expanded with additional terminals and printers for up to six
> > users. A maximum of 256kb RAM memory is accomodated."
> Thanks, that information sure helps! BTW, does your "Microcomputer
> Buyers Guide" have pictures of the computers and can you tell if it is
> the first edition or were there earlier editions published? It sounds
> like an excellent resource!
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