NiCd and charging problem...Was: Re: Zenith ?????

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 17:55:53 1997 wrote:

> I think these NiCd's hates to be in discharged state for long time,
> my working LTE 386s/20's 3 yr old battery shorted in short order in 2
> month storage after long active use periodically through 3 years.
> Yeech. After rebuilding that battery with exact cells, worked in fast
> charge just once, after that I can't get fast charge from it, now

While perhaps a bit off topic, there are ICs available that can recover
bad Nicad batteries. Basically they pulse the battery with high current
for a brief time (milliseconds), wait, monitor the voltage, and repeat.
I've been thinking about building one since it seems like it would be a
very good addition to the bench.
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