Some More Stuff on AuctionWeb

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 01:56:37 1997

A few more items I listed in the auction. Not much interest in the Mac+
logic board, Mac SE supply or the Disk II card so they might be THE
deal. Make sure you read the descriptions on the web page before
Apple Imagewriter II
    Current bid: $31.00
    Auction ends on: 08/03/97, 13:22:12 PDT

Apple Disk II Interface Card
    Current bid: $2.50
    Auction ends on: 08/03/97, 13:46:46 PDT

**Brand New** Macintosh SE Main Logic Board!
    Current bid: $14.00
    Auction ends on: 08/03/97, 13:53:39 PDT

Macintosh SE Power Supply
    Bidding starts at: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 08/03/97, 13:58:13 PDT

Apple Imagewriter I Spare Parts Kit (Factory)
    Current bid: $11.50
    Auction ends on: 08/03/97, 14:18:56 PDT

Macintosh Plus Main Logic Board - New!
    Bidding starts at: $2.00
    Auction ends on: 08/05/97, 20:23:05 PDT


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