Anyone need Model 100 Stuff?

From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 09:38:43 1997

On Thu, 31 Jul 1997, Asterisk wrote:

> What's the Disk Video Interface?

Basically, it's sort of a primitive attempt at a docking station. It's a
(rather large) box that connects through a ribbon cable and _very_ fragile
connector to the expansion port of a Model 100. It provides a
single-sided double-density disk drive (room for one more -- I do not know
of any with a second drive installed) and composite video output (RCA
jack) to a monitor or channel 3/4 output to a television. This permitted
the Model 100 to have a 80x24 or 40x24 display when connected. The box is
far larger than it needs to be and is mostly hollow. The DOS is quite
sparse, and the disk file directory looks much like the RAM file
directory. It added hooks to BASIC for disk file I/O etc. To the best
of my knowledge it did not work with and there was no equivalent product
for the Olivetti or NEC machines. An innovative concept, and like many
of Tandy's most innovative concepts such as the Tandy 2000 and the
Microchannel systems, it sank almost without a trace.
Ward Griffiths
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