TRS-80 Info

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 22:57:39 1997

I just had a call from a friend of mine, Brian Mumford, who did some
software work for the TRS-80 computers back in the late 70's and early
80's. He had a company called Mumford Micro Systems and besides
software, also published at least one book; the one I have is called
"Inside Level II, A Programmer's Guiide to the TRS-80 ROMS". I told him
I was also collecting historical info on the various computers and what
went along with them. He is willing to help however he can. He also
turned my on to another guy active with TRS stuff, Dave Lagerquist.
Dave took over as editor-in-chief of CLOAD Magazine in July 1980. On
top of that, Dave lives here in Santa Barbara, so another part of my
project will be compiling a history of CLOAD magazine. So if any of you
TRS people have any questions for either Brian or Dave, pass them
along. I'll be calling Dave probably next week after Fiesta (a Santa
Barbara tradition) is over.
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