Lodi, CA: Computer Warehouse Clearance...

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Date: Thu Jul 31 23:26:27 1997

> Details:

The major driving part is how low cost it can be bought?
Thanks, applies to these comments I just made.

> What's there:
> - Alot of Commodore 64 and PET stuff retired from the Lodi Schools
> - Many old IBM and clone cases, power supplies, motherboards, drives
Well, what 'bout the old IDE or ESDI drives? Maxtor LXT213A or any
IDE in 200 to 400mb range? If ESDI, it would be above 500mb.
What type of motherboards they do have? Cached 386dx-25 from
Compuadd or decent generic?

> - A small amount of some Mac related Jasmine Drives (external HDs,
> syquest, etc.)
Syquest 44 or 88, or newer 270mb ones? This one recently stopped
made a year or so ago.

> -lots of monitors in various states of repair and dis-repair
> -Old laser printers, old copiers, old phonographs, a couple microfiche
> readers, a couple projectors
> -dot-matrix printers, cables, etc.
> The three or so Osbornes are still there as well as all the Apple II+'s
> IIe's, IIc's, III's, drives, etc.

Jason D.
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