Eproms... you want 'em, he's got 'em!

From: Isaac Davis <idavis_at_comland.com>
Date: Mon Jun 2 16:40:39 1997

At 02:23 PM 6/2/97 -0400, Roger Merchberger wrote:
>Mel Howard
>M. C. Howard Electronics, Inc.
>E-mail: mchoward_at_prismnet.com
>I would recommend doing business with him, and I would be interested to
>learn what other "artifacts" he has available... as you don't find many
>folks with 1702's in stock, it would seem.
>Anyway, I hope this gets a few more classic machines working again...
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I went to the web page, and signed the guestbook. As a total coincidence, I
got directions to the place. As it turns out, it is about 2 blocks from
where I work. I will go visit the place, and see if he has any kind of
"list of stuff", specifically old stuff. After I go visit, I will post a
message and let you know what he's got that might be of interest. We know
he has eproms, but I'll head over there and see what kind of supply he has.
Isaac Davis
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