Epson HX20 Manuals...

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Mon Jun 2 23:10:09 1997

OK, lately, I have been placed in a sort of dilemna...
Since my post on a IIe that I had aquired (where I mentioned also getting
HX20 manuals and tapes) I have literally been deluged with e-mails/posts
from people asking for MY MANUALS ;)

I contacted my aunt (the donater of said items) and learned that she still
had the HX20 lying in the basement. ("You want THAT one too?") Since I
now have a use for these manuals, here is my best solution to all you
manual-less HX owners out there.

For the greater good of the horribly addicted old and crappy computer
collectors, I will grudgingly go to my nearest copying center and make
copies (bound if desired) of my HX manuals available to you for cost.

I know this is not the best/cheapest solution but I am trying not to play
favorites here; this way everyone can be happy (or a reasonable facsimile
thereof) and I can keep my manuals :)

Anyone who is interested, feel free to contact me.

A NOTE!!! Each manual (there are 2, parts 1 and 2 of course) weighs in at
about 250+ pages each so that is something you might want to consider
before agreeing to a copy; please don't waste my time, or yours...

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