Trackstar 128 (RE: Name those cards game)

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 11:14:28 1997


> And to give a little more info... I've maintained a FAQ on the
> TrackStar for the last four or five years. You can take a peek at
> it at
> It doesn't actually have a whole lot to say, but does tell you where
> to get software and docs if you need them.

I found your FAQ while doing a dejanews on TrackStar. The only reason
I haven't requested the disk and docs is I'm currently trying to decide
if I REALLY want to collect Apple II stuff. There is still has pretty
active community and quite a few collectors.

As someone has noted recently trying to specialize is difficult, but
since time and space are limited I need to be more selective in what
I add to my permanent collection. I'll likely offer up these parts
my collection up for trade in a month or two.

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