electronics/junk/computer sale June 14 Mountain View, CA

From: Paul E Coad <pcoad_at_crl.com>
Date: Tue Jun 3 12:37:04 1997

On June 14 in Mountain View CA, there will be an junk/electronics sale.
The location will be at Haltek (1062 Linda Vista Ave (Shoreline exit off
101)). I believe that this sale will have stuff from 3 different stores.
If I remember correctly, things start at 9am and will run until 4pm.
(Could someone nearby call (415 969-0510) and confirm these times?)

I wanted to let the people on the list know about the sale, and possibly
get together with anyone who can make it. Anyone who is interested in the
get together let me know. There is a pretty good Mexican place nearby.

I'm not associated with Haltek, I just shop there.

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