Moving my Collection?

From: hellige <>
Date: Tue Jun 3 07:34:34 1997

On 04-Jun-97, wrote:

>I'm going to be moving my collection a couple hundred miles from Austin,
>TX to Tyler, TX. I'm wondering if anyone has any packing or moving
>suggestions (packing material, special treatment of media, etc).
>Anyone have any magical tips on packing and moving?


   North American moved my collection without any problems a few months ago,
but needless to say, I certainly was worried about it. If you're packing
things yourself, I'd suggest wrapping stuff in bubblewrap if you can. It
seems to do a great job at protecting things, even against the little nicks
and such. I tend to wrap it 4-5 times around the part to make a nice bundle,
well covered on all sides. It's also how I ship stuff..with the box filled
out with the styrofoam 'popcorn'.


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