Tiger Learning Computer

From: Jim <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Wed Jun 4 10:14:29 1997

Actually the tiger has a ram based storage cartrige which connects up
just like a regular prodos volume. You could store whatever programs
you want on it.

Also teh Tiger does speak Applesoft basic. They even mention this in the
instructions. I called Tiger this morning, and they tell me the "Internet
Cartrige" won't be available until the end of summer, and that Delphi will
be the provider it's designed for. I'm going to go out on a limb and
hope that the Internet Cartrige will have some means of transfering
programs into the Tiger as well. Also, as I said, I intend to set my
Tiger up with Kermit and do serial downloads.

While I was talking to Tiger this morning, I also asked if there was a
software developer's kit for it. The rep didn't seem to know what I was
talking about, so I'll have to write some e-mail to the company.

My pessamistic suspicion is that Tiger won't support any development but
their own (which they license from classic A2 companies). I hope I'm
wrong here, as I'd love to see both the surviving a2 community doing new
development for the Tiger as well as the tiger stuff - especially the
internet package - find it's way back to the apple2 world.
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