Tiger Learning Computer

From: Jim <jim_at_calico.litterbox.com>
Date: Wed Jun 4 11:21:16 1997

Since my previous message appears to have wound up in the bit bucket, I'll
say again.

1. the Tiger does speak Applesoft basic
2. I expect the internet cartrige to have some means of downloading software.
3. Once I get Kermit working on the Tiger I expect to be able to load
   apple2 software on the tiger at will, space on the ram cartridge
4. According to Tiger there's no software development kit. I have to dig
    deeper for this.
5. I have a fairly slick assembler in applesoft basic I'll have to try on the
   tiger. Is that programmable enough? :)

Jim Strickland
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books instead of burning them."
                                   -Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
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