Hello folks

From: Bill Girnius <thedm_at_sunflower.com>
Date: Thu Jun 5 11:22:14 1997

Hello everyone, Glad to be here.

Im in Lawrence KS, an NT administrator for the Dept of Labor and have the
following machines.

"" 2050 Modem

Tandy Color/2

Trs80 Model 4, 128k
Trs80 Model 4, 64K
Apple ///
        Profile HD
Apple //gs
        100meg scsi drive
Apple Macintosh SE
Apple Macintosh Se/30

Atari 400
Atari 800XL
        1050 FDD
Atari 1200Xl
        1050 FDD

Commodore 64
        1541 FDD (2)

IBM PC, [dual floppy}

Anything I can help with please let me know and visit my web page on my
home server. http:\\

Bill G. Aka. TheDM
Received on Thu Jun 05 1997 - 11:22:14 BST

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