From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Fri Jun 6 10:45:51 1997

> Ok, you have just put us all to eternal shame. Do you have a list of all
> you've got? cuz I'm entirely interested to know. Or perhaps just an
> excerpt of your more rare systems. Where the hell do you store it all?

As to where I store it ... all over! I tend to forget what I have but I
the earliest is probably the PDP 8i, and PDP 11/05. Of course the Mits
Altair and Imsai. As to being rare, I don't have a good handle on that
part. The collection includes the early Pets with the Chicklet keyboard,
Atari, Heath Data Systems, Northstar, Altos, CompuPro, Wang, DEC, Timex,
Commodore, Lobo, Polymorphic, Vector Graphic, Intel, Corona and Cordata
(the company that took over Corona,) Morrow, Ohio Scientific, some Apple
stuff, Tandy and Radio Shack, Sol, Cromemco, Xerox, NCC, Televideo, NCR,
Kaypro, Osbourne, IBM, Sanyo, Compaq, Jonos, Eagle, and probably a bunch
more I can't recall off hand.

When I first started collecting, the idea was to save these things from
the dumpster. As time went on, a lot of people kept their eyes open
for me and were willing to give me the stuff rather than have to junk it.
I just picked up a mint Xerox 820 last weekend from a swapmeet WITH docs
(!!!) from someone who just wanted it gone. Someone in town dumpstered a
bunch of stuff that was picked up by a friend. In the process of cleaning
his place, he gave it to me and it was mostly HD related and included
several HD testers (no docs <sigh>) and a bunch of non-working HDs.

Another thing I am looking for are the docs and schematics for the Zenith
H-67 Hard Disk sub-system used with the H-89. The H-67 has a bad power
supply board, and without the schematics, it is a bit hard to

I do have duplicate hardware manuals for some of the Vector Graphic
computers and would be willing to trade for other documentation I don't

Also FWIW, I don't sell these computers although I would be willing to
trade some of the duplicates for computers I don't have.
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