TRS-80 - buy,sell, and trade

From: Cord Coslor <>
Date: Fri Jun 6 12:02:08 1997

Howdy folks:

I am wondering if anyone out there on this listserve has any Radio Shack
TRS-80 they'd like to give up... either for sale or trade. I collect a lot
of different things and have Apple, Commodore, Texas Instruments, Colour
Genie, MSX, Vectrex, etc., etc... but, my true life-long love has been the
TRS-80 Model 1,3,4 line... and now the CoCo line of computers.

I am especially looking for any old TRS-80 related magazines: especially
80-Micro, 80-US Journal, and TRS-80 Microcomputer News.

I have been archiving software for all these machines, and especially the
TRS-80s for about 10 years now. I do have a huge 65 page catalog of
everything in my collection. If you'd like to see it just let me know and
I'll ship it out. I do not have it in electronic form... only available
through USPS.

It contains all my classic computer hardware, as well as all my software
in original disk, tape, cartridge, etc., forat, as well as already
converted to run on modern PC emulators.

 If you would like to get the catalog even quicker, send me $3 to the
address below. It actually costs me $3.24 to mail, and more to publish,
but it sure would help me out.

As far as the software that I have, I like to believe that I have
virtually most things ever written for the TRS-80s, but I know there is a
lot more out there. If you have some software of old disk, cassettes, etc.
please let me know. As always, I am enternaining expanding my hardware
collection as well at all times. I currently have 7 TRS-80 Model 3, 2
Model 1, 4 Model 4s, 3 Model 4ps, and several Commodore 64s, Texas
Instruments, 1 Coco 1, 4 CoCo 2, and 1 CoCo 3.

I just love collecting these things and would love to hear from others as
to what you might have available to expand my collection... or just to
hear what interesting things you have.

Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you soon!


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