From: Jonathan Hunter <JONATHAN_at_holly.ninja.ml.org>
Date: Sat Jun 7 11:52:41 1997

On 6 Jun 97 at 22:26, Marvin wrote:

> Ah so, that one went right over my head, sorry about that one :). As
> far as systems I don't have, there are a LOT I am still looking for. To
> name just a few, the Aim 64, Kim, SWTP 6800 computer, Acorns (I am not
> familar with them,) and quite a few others with the main interest in the
> 70's computers. I am really impressed with "The Big List of Classic
> Computers" and it has made me much more aware of how small the
> collection really is compared to what was produced.

I have an Acorn Electron going spare, if anybody wants it. It's a
"Plus 3", I've been told - it's the standard Electron, but with an
extra expansion module added on, containing a 3.5" floppy disk drive,
some ports, and who knows what else...!

It's in Manchester, UK.
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