Available: DEC Rainbow Memory Extension Cards

From: Dave Jenner <djenner_at_halcyon.com>
Date: Sat Jun 7 23:04:05 1997

I have available several PC100B Memory Extension cards for the Rainbow
for giveaway, or for trade if you have something that interests me.

At the moment, the cards are unpopulated, but you can generally find
256Kbit chips to fill the board for about a $1 junk PC card. (A fully
populated board has at most 3 banks of 9 256Kbit chips for a total of
768K and a system total of 896K.) I can provide a copy of the memory
configuration pamphlet.

I will give preference to anyone who has something to trade, but feel
free to ask even if you don't. If you have something to trade I will
even go out and find the $1 junk board and populate the card!

Here's what I am looking for:
1) BCC17 cable for use with a VT241 color monitor
2) Documentation for Rainbow Concurrent CP/M-86, especially programming
3) Venix/Rainbow software and documentation.

Dave Jenner
Received on Sat Jun 07 1997 - 23:04:05 BST

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