Polymorphic Computers

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Jun 8 15:14:04 1997

With many thanks to the existance of this group for motivation, I got
busy and started checking out the Polymorphic Systems stuff that I
have. So far, the only thing I haven't checked out and organized are
the engineering drawings so I don't know what is there. There appear to
be a complete set of master manuals, both hardcopy for duplicating, and
on disk. I haven't checked out how complete the ROM set is yet, but
there are a lot of ROM software source listings, primarily on disk but
some on hardcopy. The source code (and history) for the programs
Polymorphic provided are also here. One thing I found really
interesting was a copy of their business plan written about 1979 or so.
It appears that something happened and they went into Chapter XI at some
point, and were recovering when the business plan was written. Brochure
trivia: a friend of mine, wearing a shirt and tie, was pictured working
at the computer. What the picture didn't show were the shorts he was
wearing when the picture was taken :).

Regarding the model 88DS, I found (but haven't checked it out yet) a
manual describing the conversion of the Model 88 to the Model 88DS. I
still need to set up one of the Polymorphic computers with both 8" and 5
1/4" drives to check out the *many* disks. One thing I was thinking of
for archival purposes was to back everything up to CD-ROM. Of course, I
would need to get the CDR unit, but hey, these are just details :).
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