Olivetti M10, etc

From: A.R. Duell <ard12_at_eng.cam.ac.uk>
Date: Mon Jun 9 00:23:43 1997

> I saw an Olivetti XP 1050/SP that I passed up the other day cuz it looked
> like a common PC clone type dealy. Anyone have any information on this?

Talking of Olivetti machines, has anyone else ever come across the
Olivetti M10? It's a laptop with a flip-up display (It doesn't open like a
normal modern laptop - the upper face of the display when closed is the
face where the image appears, but you can flip it up to a more convenient
angle to use it), and appears to be related to the Tandy M100.

The keyboard has 1 fewer key (I think it's either Graph or Code that's
missing) than the M100, and has a different layout. The main PCB is
different in layout to either of the M100 PCBs, but is electrically very
similar (even down to component designations being the same). The built-in
software is very similar (identical? apart from obvious changes to support
the different keyboard and to say 'Olivetti' in start-up messages).

> Sam

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