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I'f I remember correctly there was a "Keypad" that allowed you to enter
BASIC code and a BASIC language cartridge. Seems I found the cartridge at
a garage sale and used to have one, but could never find a working keypad.
I have now abandoned the 2600 years ago in an attempt to get rid of some
the toys I never "play" with anymore. I find myself re-buying many of the
things i've sold. So my new rule is , unless I have two, I sell nothing.


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> Subject: Re: Introduction
> Date: Sunday, June 08, 1997 9:03 PM
> >My story mirrors yours. I, too, learned on the Aquarius, and I loved
> >it. I then moved on to the Apple ][+. I have few regrets in my life,
> >but of the more nerdy ones, I regret ever selling my Aquarius to finance

> >the purchase of my Apple ][+. I had all the peripherals for it
> >(including the thermal printer and datasette, and of course the
> >module with controllers and a 4K RAM carthridge).
> I didn't have quite as much for it, probably. I had the mini-expander
> with controls, and four cassettes, which I think were D&D Treasures of
> Tarmin, Utopia, Night Stalker, and Biorhythms. I got Chess later as a
> gift. I didn't have the "official" data recorder, but I got a regular
> tape recorder to work once in a while for storage. I remember writing
> programs for it. I remember also typing in that what-seemed-so-long
> "Digital Clock" program from the manual. I left out all the REM
> statements because they were "optional," I thought from my programming
> experience and what the manual said. I didn't realize that all the
> branching statements went to those REM's. Eventually, I got it to
> work, and I thought it was really neat. I was easily entertained at
> age seven. When my parents' friends came over, their two kids and I
> had Utopia tournaments. Often, they got very mean, and we'd end up
> fighting because "you broke the agreement about not sinking my fishing
> boat," and one of us would retaliate by putting rebels on the other's
> island with all our money until the game got pointless because no one
> had anything left.
> I may still have the price list around somewhere - I know I had it a
> long time after buying anything would have been an option, but I don't
> know if it got thrown out or not. I bugged my parents about getting me
> a printer for it, but they never did, and I didn't have any money of
> my own (I was only between about six and eight).
> In my original list of computers, I forgot my Atari 2600, possibly
> because I didn't consider it a computer, but rather a video game
> machine. (Wasn't there a keyboard setup of some sort that you could
> get for it? I could be wrong about that.) I still have that at home,
> too. I don't remember all the games I had for it. I remember being
> really mad that the "Indy 500" "driving controls" wouldn't work as
> paddles with Warlords, and I never got the real paddle controls. I
> think we took Warlords back to the store. (I could, again, be mistaken
> about all these titles...)
> >Ahhhh, I miss those days.
> I hear ya!
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