Cleaning Plastic

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 15:30:15 1997

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> I went down to my local hardware, and bought a quart of straight Naphtha.
> =$2.79 locally= (It's a component of lighter fluid...) It is *highly* -- I
> say again -- *highly* flammable. So flammable, *thinking* about having a
> cigarette will touch this stuff off.
> The fumes are kinda harmful, and it evaporates so quickly it will suck the
> moisture from your hands (those with sensitive skin, wear rubber gloves) so
> don't leave the cap off for a weekend in the basement... you'll be greeted
> with a highly explosive basement and no mo naphtha.

Sounds good. I'll have to go out and get me some. And maybe I'll use it
to clean my computers with too. :)

> the dye out, that I've ever seen. So it may work well on removing grease
> pencil wax, but if the dye in the grease pencil has stained the plastic,
> try another of the fine suggestions here.

Like I said about this citrus orange cleaner, it does the trick. Naphta
sounds fun though, and it would be cool to say also, if it wasn't a
synonym for a trade agreement acronym.

> Sam,
> Regarding your post about L.O.C. (which stands for Liquid Organic Cleaner,
> BTW, and was Amway's first product over 35 years ago) do you dilute it
> first (as per instructions?)
> L.O.C. mixed 1:1 (water:LOC) is also good at getting crayon off of walls
> (as always, hope there's decent quality paint when kids are around) and
> mixed 2:1 works great for getting the green gunk out of the grooves of your
> golf clubs!

I used it from a spray bottle which has a dial where you can adjust the
dilution anywhere from pure water to pure LOC. I normally have it on 3
or 4, which is 1:1 (water/LOC) and like .5:1 respectively. Too much LOC
just makes it too soapy. It seems you definitely need the water for a
good cleaning solution, although soaking in LOC sometimes does wonders.

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